Our Curriculum

We draw children from all walks of life, economic backgrounds and with unique gifts and varying abilities.

Our Curriculum

Preparing Children for Advanced Education through Traditional Curriculum

School of Athens

The curriculum of the South Hills Catholic Academy is grounded in the teaching of Jesus Christ. The virtue, order, freedom, harmony, justice, truth, goodness and beauty of the Divine are explored by students in their spiritual and academic life.

Religion: In its foundation, all education is fundamentally a religious enterprise. Education is understood as the development of the whole person for his final purpose, and to that end religious education at SHCA forms the core into which everything is connected.

Language Arts: Language Arts embody the communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing; with this mastery of language being the foundation of logical thinking. Students will develop their minds and souls through questioning, discussions, debates and writing.

History: History will be taught as a compelling story of man’s relationship to God as opposed to a series of names and dates. It will begin with stimulating the student’s interest in their country and the world with a focus on the concept and value of Christian citizenship.

Science and Math: Science and Mathematics are understood to reveal order, harmony and mystery in the life of the world. Careful study will promote habits of learning to improve the child’s ability to reason and perceive reality and to nurture analytical reasoning.

Latin and Greek: Latin and Greek contain the roots of more than half of all English words and they form the base of several Romance Languages. The structures of both Latin and Greek promote ordered thinking, opening up the world of classical literature, and to the language of the church.

Art: God is the first and ultimate Artist and Maker of heaven and earth.

Music: Music in its purest form is an expressible connection with God that is tied into the musical heritage of the Catholic church through its use of Latin and through chant. Music helps to express emotions when words are inadequate.

Physical Education: Physical Education begins with a strict school uniform policy that will set the tone as to how students are expected to respect themselves and others.

Technology: Technology will be used to enhance, not replace, a traditional educational experience. Teachers will be intentional as to how technology is incorporated into the daily life of the students.

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